meet tertill.

the solar powered, weather-proof, garden weeding robot.

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Tertill takes care of the weeding, come rain or shine.

With Tertill, gardeners can now enjoy weed-free vegetable and flower gardens, without the monotony and frustration of weeding. Organic gardeners can breathe easy and enjoy a weed-free, chemical-free garden all season long.

Created by roboticist Joe Jones – inventor of the Roomba – Franklin Robotics’ Tertill is a robot designed to live in your garden and take care of the weeding, come rain or shine.

solar powered

Solar powered, so you don’t need to charge it.

chemical free

Tertill doesn’t use any chemicals to remove weeds.


No need to bring Tertill in when it rains.


Tertill uses bluetooth to talk to your smartphone.

how it works

Tertill lives in your garden and prevents weeds from becoming established. Using unique design elements and a variety of sensors, Tertill patrols the garden daily, avoiding plants and obstacles while looking for weeds to eliminate.

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