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TertillCM: A robot that weeds your garden
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A weeding robot for your vegetable or flower garden

Solar Powered

Tertill is solar powered, so you don't need to charge it.

Chemical Free

Tertill removes the weeds without chemicals, so you can have a pesticide-free garden.


Tertill is designed to stay outside in your garden--no need to bring it in when it rains.

How It Works

How does the robot work in your garden?

  • Solar Charging

    Tertill lives in your garden, collecting sunlight to charge its battery. No need to bring it inside to charge or set up a docking station.

  • Searching for weeds

    Once the battery is charged, Tertill starts patrolling for weeds. Sensors cause it to turn away from plants and detect when it has run into an obstacle.

  • Removing the weeds

    Tertill treats short plants as weeds, cutting them down with a string trimmer/weed whacker. (Make sure to protect your seedlings with one of the supplied plant collars)

  • Patrolling the Garden

    Tertill uses proprietary algorithms to ensure that it finds as many weeds as it can. (Make sure there's enough room between the plants for Tertill get to all the weeds.)

  • Making Gardening Fun

    Tend to your plants, spend some time with the family, or just relax. Tertill's taking care of the weeding for you.

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Tertill is still in development. We use our mailing list to provide regular updates on our progress and learn how we can make Tertill a part of your garden.

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